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Classes Offered for the 2010–2011 School Year

The classes listed below will be held, assuming they meet a minimum class attendance. Junior high classes will be held three times per week. High School classes will be held one or two times per week. See “Get To Know Your Teachers” to learn which classes will be held by which teacher. If your child requires a class for graduation that is not listed, please ask! If there are sufficient students interested, our teachers should be able add the class!
Junior High ClassesHigh School Classes

Saxon Math 7, 8
World History & Literature
US History & Literature
Eastern Hemisphere
World Geography
Life Science
Earth Science
Grammar and Composition 7 & 8
Health & Nutrition

Algebra I & II
Advanced Math
Understanding the Times
SAT Prep Writing
Literary Analysis
American Literature
Movies as Literature
Elements of Literature and Writing
20th Century American History
British Literature
Understanding Shakespeare
The History in the Steps of Jesus
And more …
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